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Coloured Contact Lenses

Awesome coloured contacts to complete your look! Great for Cosplay, Face and Body Painting events , Parties, Stage, Theatre and fun!
Please read the instructions carefully and apply at your own risk. Always Wicked Art assumes no responsibility for the wearing of contacts 


If you wear contact lenses for cosplay, you will probably be wearing your contacts for longer periods of time than most other novelty contact users, and as such there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind. They are only one element of your costume, but they are the element that needs to the most care and attention. These tips will help keep your cosplay contacts comfortable and reduce the risk of infection.


Never wear them beyond expiry: 

You should not wear the contacts beyond the given usage period. Get rid of any contacts that have not been stored properly.

Clean them in solution frequently:

If you are not wearing them every day, clean them in solution and make sure you do not use the same solution for more than 30 days.

Don't share your lenses with others:

If you've got a great pair in you'll probably receive compliments, but never let anyone else use them.

Don't keep them in overnight:

If you use contacts then you should already know that you should never keep them in overnight, but after an exciting and exhausting day of costuming you can sometimes forget that you have them in. Set a reminder on your phone if you think you may forget.


Payment options are paypal, internet bank transfer, direct deposit or eftpos over the phone or by email or text 
Please add a note to your order if you wish me to call you for in store Eftpos payment. 

Webstore credit card payments can be taken through paypal by choosing the "pay by credit card" option. You do not have to log in to Paypal to use paypal for credit card payments.For Credit card payments either 1. Call me and pay over the phone. I will process your payment by eftpos or
                                               2. Go to Paypal but DO NOT LOGIN! You can choose the "pay by credit card" option if you are not logged in, rather than with paypal if you are logged in. You do not need a Paypal account to pay by credit card using paypal.

Please note, when paying by paypal, please take the option to return to my store, or the store does not recognise that you have paid, so your order will go into the abandolned cart folder where I may not be able to see it.

Please click 'Bank Transfer' to finalise your order if you want me to process payment by Eftpos over the phone or by text or email.

Always Wicked Art almost always ships same or next day. If you need your products in a hurry, please make a note when you order. If there is anything that will delay your order we will phone you to see if you want to substitute or wait or receive a store credit.

EVERYTHING SHIPS OVERNIGHT EXPRESS- which is 1-2 working days to most of Australia

For international customers, please use the code Sunshine to receive a 5% products discount, to offset the shipping fees.

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